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Old Cedar Trail    

The Old Cedar Trail is a beautiful ramble - walk.  It takes off from the road to Camp Vail.  It meanders the entire lower acreage of property owned by the Kiwanis Club - an area seldom experienced.  A spur trail off of the Golden Rule Trail also connects.  All trails are well marked  with signage. You will come into contact with a beautiful grove of cedar trees and experience some stunning aerial canopy views (Just look up)!  On the saunter look to see if you view an abandoned boat slightly up hill - also a refrigerator and ask the question, “How did they get there”? Keep an eye out and you are likely to run across wildlife while exploring the surroundings:  Deer, Pileated Wood Peckers, and Turkeys, plus flora native to the region. During spring thru June, as you make one’s way over the entire trail, you will negotiate a beautiful wetland area - plus Mirror Creek is running providing a most memorable journey.




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