Camp Ouimet

Camp Ouimet (pronounced We-Met) is comprised of several acres of land, from a forested area suitable for tents, to the covered pavilion and food prep area and then out to the shore of Mirror Lake.  It is named for the Camp Stidwell Superintendent of 45 years and counting, Bill Ouimet. Bill has maintained Camp Stidwell as well as greeted and herded campers for all these years and is beloved by so many of us.


Amenities include:

A parking area available for cars and limited campers and trailers - No trailer hook-ups

A covered pavilion with a concrete floor, open on four sides and 6 picnic tables in the pavilion

Several steel fire rings

A large barbecue

Two outhouses

A potable water faucet

Limited electrical source - No hook-up

A fire safety station (shovels, rakes, hoses and information board)

Tent sites

A large meadow with benches for gathering

A dock for fishing or swimming access

A lawn area

A swimming safety station

Beach area for swimming

Sandbox area for youngsters

A horseshoe area

Volleyball area and net

250 year old tree - began growing before the U.S became a nation.
250 year old tree - began growing before the U.S became a nation.

A lot of great area for hiking and exploring.

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Ouimet Pavilion
Ouimet Pavilion

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Camp Stidwell (Aerial view)
Camp Stidwell (Aerial view)

Black line shows trail to Shooting Star Day Camp & McFadden Pier.

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